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Lots of NASFiCcy goodness.  It stayed very chill, and we had plenty of sleep both nights.  I felt a little middle-aged, but I suppose that’s appropriate.  

Brian May playing the fuck out of triple reverb in his 14-minute solo at the Palace of Auburn Hills, July 12, 2014.

Adam and Brian May, Fat Bottomed Girls, Detroit, 5 minutes ago.

Adam & Brian May, Detroit, 5 seconds ago.

This is my last stick of gum
I’m going to cut it up so everybody else gets some
Except for Ashurbanipal,
who says my haircut makes me look like a Mohenjo-daroan
Hey, Ashurbanipal 
I’m a Mesopotamian 
Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh

- They Might Be Giants, “The Mesopotamians

Don’t miss The Audition, in which the Mesopotamians animation is overlain with words from the TV show The Monkees.  Scott Knaster wrote a great article about the song.  

Jim Henson’s The Frog Prince (1971), introducing Robin the frog and Sweetums the ogre.

The frogs in this movie are all named after knights of the Round Table. 

The evil witch Taminella and another incarnation of King Rupert II, King Goshposh, both appeared in an unaired pilot from 1968Tales from the Tinkerdee.

The baby Prince Kermit was played by Henson’s daughter Heather.

This television special had the honor of explaining a variety of wordplay (spoonerisms, in which the first letter or sound of two words or syllables are transposed, such as “fritty plower” for “pretty flower”) to children.  Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein has since supplanted this task to a large degree.  Spoonerisms are also addressed in David Lubar’s excellent novel Punished!  


Paging nubianamy

He has miniature robotic hedgehogs!


Paging nubianamy

He has miniature robotic hedgehogs!


Queen + Adam Lambert live at iHeartRadio theatre, Los Angeles HD (16th June, 2014)

Really excellent history of Adam’s involvement with Queen, here.

I think the only regret Freddie would have is that he didn’t get to work with Adam,” he joked. “They would get on like a house on fire. You know that Adam has a great respect for Freddie and I know if Freddie saw Adam perform he’d have a great respect for Adam too ‘cause Adam has a matchless instrument and he’s a great performer so Freddie would absolutely be into it, I have no doubt.

Brian May on Adam Lambert (via moonlitgleek)

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